Thursday, January 3, 2013

1-3-13 : Asleep at the wheel

Chronic illness is a pain in the ass. Well, Sometimes it's pain. Sometimes it's numbness.

Today? My old friend fatigue. And before you jump to the "Well everyone gets tired" just stop. It's worse. Far, far worse.

I awoke this morning at my normal time, after going to bed at my normal time, and knew it was going to be a long day. Every step was exhausting and just making it up the stairs wiped me out. I ate breakfast and got the boy up and ready for school.

Then (because I'm a trooper) I left for work. I stopped at the nearby Speedway and grabbed a soda and some candy, in the hope that the sugar would turn things around. Made it to work with no problems, but that's when things got interesting.

I do a lot of data entry and I joke that I can do my work in my sleep. Sadly, after today I know that is not fact. After getting my work ready, I sat down to begin.


Not good at all.

So after telling my boss that I had to leave, and catching my co-workers annoyed glances, I made my way home. Once again... Not the wisest of ideas. I made it home safely, but praise whomever that the weather was good, as I know several times I caught myself weaving on the road.

I crashed when I got home. I'm somewhat better now... at 5pm. But this was not a fun day.

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