Monday, September 5, 2011

He told me at bedtime last week, "I nevah want to get bigger Dad. I want to stay this big forevah. That way I can stay with you."

Now part of this may have been from my propensity to expound upon answers to questions that could be answered with a simple yes or no, but it was a sweet sentiment.

Would I want him to stay this big (age & size-wise)? I'd be lying if part of me just doesn't love the extreme range of emotions of this age, but I sometimes honestly miss the baby part too. There is something satisfying (and slightly sad) about watching him develop into a "real" human being.

As much as I would like him to "stay this big forevah" - I already look forward to the next stage, when we can play with toys I don't have to worry about him breaking in 10 sec (or less). I look forward to watching him learn new things and live new experiences.

I love being Dad. I love being Dad to this little boy.

So let's just take it one day a time.

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  1. <3 You are the best daddy to this boy that there could ever be.