Saturday, August 22, 2009

The 'Change'

I just completed the switch from a nighttime employee to a "normal" first shifter. The 2 most common questions are -

  1. How are you managing? Tired yet?
  2. So... is the work harder?
Tired? Really? Having MS I'm *always* tired. So a simple schedule change was not exactly a burden. Thankfully, I'm now getting a regular 7 hours of sleep, and beyond that my meds help.

Is the work harder? No - different is all. I'll go on record and state that work is work... no matter what you do. If is wasn't, there would be more amusement rides and cotton candy. It is suprisingly quieter, though. There are probably noise issues involved there with the suits, that do not exist on third.

Another week down.... 1891 to go!

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