Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The most powerful word

In the general scheme of things, it seems that children acquire words in a specific order.

  1. Simple Vocalizations.
  2. Repeated Babbling - "Mamamama" "Gagagaga".
  3. Sophisticated babbling.
  4. One Word.
  5. Two-word phrases.

And from then on, whatever silence you receive is a gift from above.

But at some point, somewhere in the fine development of the human language - children learn the word "no". Oh, it takes several forms. But the end result... the parental pain, the headache... remains the same.

(Granted a case can be made for the other gem "mine"... but well... this is my blog- ha!)

Children know it has power, it's used to discipline or prevent behavior. But the "no" word always seems to get a response. They don't understand the meaning and that much is apparent. Yet, children wield the word with tactical strategy akin to throwing grenades at an ant. If one sprays the area with the word "no", eventually your going to hit the correct definition/response.

Ironic then, that a common problem as an adult is the inability to say "no".

Maybe they just used it all up?

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  1. LOVE it! Great point! We're over the NO stage and into the MINE stage. UGH!